Coda Plugin: Text Utilities


For us the best tools are the small ones, the one-trick ponies that save you a few minutes here and there. Recently we had a project that involved dozens and dozens of lists, all provided as separate text files, and in no particular order. It was a simple matter to whip together a Coda plugin to organize our lists, and boom! Coda Text Utilities was born. It’s not pretty but it works.

This initial version has four options: and although the names should be self explanatory, we will anyhow.

  • Unique sort alphabetize a/z: Removes exact duplicates and sorts them alphabetically A to Z.
  • Unique sort alphabetize z/a: same as above but sorts them Z to A.
  • Reverse order: leaves your list intact but reverses the existing order.
  • Remove Duplicates: just strips out duplicates, leaves the existing order intact.

I’ve been using this regularly for a few weeks without incident, that being said, save your data first - and if something happens don’t blame us! Also if you have any ideas for additional sort methods let us know.

Get the Coda Plugin: Text Utilities

Text Utilities (legacy)

(hat-tip to @kelter for the idea of packaging these as a plugin)