Design Tips for the non-designer

We're realists. We know that not every potential client can actual afford, or has the time, to have a professional designer touch and massage every piece of communication that leaves their hands. Sure we can (and do) provide them templated designs and guidelines for some things, but inevitably things sneak through and as a general rule, these self-designed pieces could look better.

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Coda Plugin: Text Utilities


For us the best tools are the small ones, the one-trick ponies that save you a few minutes here and there. Recently we had a project that involved a dozens and dozens of lists, all provided as separate text files and in no particular order. It was a simple matter to whip together a Coda plugin to organize our lists, and Coda Text Utilities were born. It's not pretty but it works.

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Halloween Speaking Event


We'll be speaking at the Philadelphia Adobe Illustrators Group on Wednesday Night (10/27/2010) - because it should be a frightfully exciting evening (and because I needed something to talk about) I spent a few hours and whipped up a piece of themed artwork. I'll be talking about taking this to finish from a rough sketch, using graphic symbols, and round tripping with Photoshop.

Hope to see you there

Fresh Digs

So welcome to our new site! Our old site did its job for almost 7 years, but just like bellbottom pants and platform shoes, it was time to put it on a shelf. So we’re BRAND NEW and full of exciting potential. This latest iteration of the Visual Chutzpah site has a will have a little something for everyone - new work, cool freebies, code snippets... all wrapped-up in an easy-to-navigate and snazzy-to-look-at wrapper. Backend-wise we’re running on Expression Engine, which is a great CMS that we’ve been using for client work for about 5 years. So feel free, to click around! We’d LOVE to hear any feedback you might have, so please drop us a line.

Minimizing Stress

As web designers we’re often involved in projects where a client has difficulties making a decision, sometimes these difficulties can frustrate a client - they might even stall a project, I have empathy for them, decisions are stressful - we think part of the design job is to eliminate frustration and stress before it happen.

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Batman had a utility belt full of amazing tools; we have the entire internet as our toolbelt! Needless to say, Batman has nothing on us, except of course for the car, oh and the cave.

Here are but a few of our favorite tools: