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We live in a world that lives for the ultimate pairs. Wine and cheese. Rocky and Bullwinkle. Peanut butter and mayo (maybe that’s just me). Well, I’d like to introduce you to the Visual Chutzpah dynamic duo: custom creative design and knockout technical mastery. This powerhouse team of killer skills has led to over 25 years of successful solutions. Go ahead and take a peek. If you’re interested, shoot us an email. Who knows?  Visual Chutzpah + you could be the ultimate pair.

Recently Launched


Bucks-2-Night is a young startup whose goal is to capture the attitude and personality of the Bucks County bar and nightclub scene. We provided some website visualizations to more »

EchoPoint Marketing Group

EchoPoint is a marketing company with a unique ‘pebble-in-a-pond’ approach to messaging and a reputation for excellence. We married some tasty typography and a restrained more »

International Playthings

Who doesn’t love toys? We certainly do!  When we had the opportunity to work up some design treatments for toy retailer International Playthings, we focused on bright colors, more »

HHC Books

HHC is an industry leader in healthcare handbooks.  They came to us looking for some design treatments on revamping their substantial online store. We examined the more »

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About Visual Chutzpah

Visual Chutzpah is a graphic and web design studio located in Bensalem, PA. No canned solutions. No recycled ideas. We approach every project with a fresh mindset and a design, catered to your business’s unique goals and audience. Curious to see how Visual Chutzpah can solve your creative crisis and illustrate success?

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What Our Clients Say

Being an experienced designer in both corporate and small business settings, Saul understands business design quite well. I’ve had the pleasure of being Saul’s primary point of contact on several occasions when my CEO has hired him to perform work. He’s shown an exceptional ability to adapt to considerable change throughout the design cycle, and his knowledge of advanced CSS techniques provides developers with considerably cleaner code making implementation much quicker and easier.

Michael Szul

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